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Top 10 #Adwords Tips for Beginners


14th October 2015

Adwords is probably the most powerful pay-per-click advertising on the internet.

Top 10 #Adwords Tips for Beginners

While SEO and Adwords aren't strictly related, the more you know about SEO, the better you will be at your Adwords. (Check out some SEO articles here.)

Top 10 Adwords Tips

  1. Give yourself time to learn how to use Adwords.

    Need more help? Google will help you set up your ad for free: 1890 907 108 (LoCall)

    Also, I highly recommend checking out http://support.google.com/adwords/

  2. Create two similar ads within the same campaign, see which is giving the best results. Keep the better one, ditch the other one, and then create another one. Continue this cycle.

    This is called split testing

  3. Use Negative Keywords OR use [square brackets for each term]

    Regularly check to see should you be adding more negative keywords

  4. Set a budget.

    Start off small, increase when you know it’s working for you. Stop if you are wasting money.

  5. Use keywords in the ad text.

    This increases your Quality Score. With Quality Score: If your score is greater than 5, you’re saving money.

    This makes it more likely for your ad to be clicked on

  6. Use Geo-targetting

    Only pay for people who can use your service/access your business.

  7. Get your Timing Right.

    Schedule the ads to advertise on the most profitable days/hours.

  8. Landing Pages

    Make sure your ad links to the relevant page on your website - This is the landing page. N.B. Get this right.

  9. Keep monitoring your ads

    You should always be fine-tuning.

  10. Get a coupon

    Wanna try out Adwords for the first time? Go to www.google.ie/adwords/coupons

If you have any questions, or can't figure it out after this tuturial, please do ask in the Comments below or on any of our Social Media.

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