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Best Image Editing Websites


8th April 2016

If you have your own business, manage a website, manage Social Media sites or even are interested in Image Editing as a hobby, then you should know these image editing websites.

Best Image Editing Websites

  1. PicResize.com

    A free, simple tool to crop, reize, and edit images online. Can resize a batch of images here. No login required.
    Go to PicResize.com

  2. Pixlr.com

    A free, flexible online alternative to Photoshop. Perform virtual makeovers by editing out the spots, wrinkles, etc, from your photos. Simple Tutorial here. No login required.
    Go to Pixlr.com

  3. Infogr.am

    A free tool for making Infographics. No login required.
    Go to Infogr.am

  4. PicMonkey.com

    A free online alternative to Photoshop. Easier to use than Pixlr. No login required.
    Go to PicMonkey.com

  5. Canva.com

    A flexible and easy-to-use online design tool, useful for creating professional looking graphics for presentations and social media. Login required.
    Go to Canva.com

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