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Blogging Tips


20th June 2014

1st January 1970

Blogging Tips

  1. Don’t start a blog unless you’ll actually commit

    If you don’t have a blog yet, there's a good chance you’re reading this because you’ve been hearing how blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic. But you know you. If you’re not going to commit, thend on't do it.

  2. Give away your knowledge

    A mistake blogger newbies can make sometimes is that they decide not to write about a certain topic, for fear that a potential customer will read the blog, and then decide to do the job themselves. The truth is that the internet is bigger than you are. The information is already out that. If you don't blog about a certain topic - people will find that information anyway somewhere else.

    And secondly, you want people to think that you are a nice person, who knows what they are talking about!

  3. Try to have a couple of blogs ready before you upload them

    Discipline in blogging is hard. Sometimes you'll be too busy, or feeling too lazy to write a blog. Have a couple of blogs ready as a safety net.

  4. Use the ‘Keyword Planner’ in Google Adwords for some ideas

  5. Keep a list of blog ideas

    You'll think of cool ideas to write about when you are talking to a customer, daydreaming on the train,

  6. But where possible, write about something topical

    If people in the media, or social media are all talking about something, it makes sense that your blog about the same topic will do better. If your blog can ride that wave, you could see a massive spike in traffic

  7. Tell people about your blog

    You may have written the most interesting blog in the world, but that's no use unless people actually know about it. Tweet the link to your blog. Include a link from your newsletter. Put the link from Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. If it's really super interesting, then it could be worth submitting to Reddit, or StumbleUpon. There are also blog directories like Blogging Fusion Blog Directory.

  8. Be prepared for low amounts of traffic for the first good while

    Don’t be disheartened if you are blogging for a few months and are still seeing low amounts of traffic. It could take a year before you start seeing decent amounts of traffic.

Have you got any tips yourself!? Please do share!

Meanwhile, check out this great blog written by Samantha O'Flanagan of All The Buzz - It's the best blog on blogging tips for beginners and also more experienced bloggers I've ever read.

Dorcas RĂ©amonn

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