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My Christmas Gift Guide 2015


24th November 2015

My Christmas Gift Guide 2015

So last year this guide was really successful, and so here we go again.

If you're ordering from Amazon, note that sometimes they either don't deliver to RoI, OR the prices they charge to post to RoI are really expensive. Get around that issue by signing up with Parcel Motel. Parcel Motel give you a UK delivery address, which you can use, they get the delivery, and then they put it in the Parcel Motel of your choice. This service costs from €3.95. A second option is Parcel Wizard from DPD who will actually deliver your parcel to an address that you want. This service costs from €3.85 but your first three deliveries are free!

  1. Building Stories, by Chris Ware



    If you know someone, of practically any age, who is into comics, art, or quirky stuff, then this could be the perfect gift. This graphic novel (i.e. book with pictures) is an interactive book, that comes in fourteen pieces, which include books, leaflets, posters and stand-up cardboard. The author claims that you can read the parts any order!

    The box and its contents weighs about four kilos and this is a really impressive gift.

    Note that while I think this is suitable for teenagers, assume 'older teenagers' - there is small bit of some stuff that is a bit PG!

  2. Portable Charger (for phones and tablets)



    This EC Technology 2nd Gen Deluxe 22400mAh Ultra High Capacity 3 USB Output External Battery is a portable charger that I recommended last year, bought one - and have already bought two more for this year as gifts. They are so poweful. Drawback: Heavier than you might think, but well worth it for about six full mobile-phone charges. Strength is 22400mAh, which is pretty awesome

    This is a perfect present for campers, festival goers, people who are on the road a lot, teenagers who tell you they run out of battery! :D It also features a powerful flashlight.

  3. Harry Potter Colouring Book



    I'm seeing a lot of talk this year about Adult Colouring Therapy. This is a beautiful colouring book featuring sketches for the Harry Potter films. This could be a nice stocking filler - or make a 'bigger present' by accompanying it with a set of 24 Staedtler Colouring Pencils.

That's all for now . . . check back soon and please let me know in the comments if you have any bargains or great ideas!

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