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How to Convert a Facebook Personal Profile to a Facebook Business Page


14th March 2014

Convert Facebook Personal Profile to Business page

So you have a Facebook Personal Profile, and you want to change it into a Business Page

Let's keep it simple and practical, and assume you already know the reasons why you want to do this.

There's two things you need to do. First of all, you need to back up all of the data from your page. Basically, you are going to lose everything, apart from your name and your friends, which will now convert to 'friends', or 'fans'. And then you complete the conversion!


Log in to your Personal Page, click on the little cog in the top right hand corner, and then click 'Settings', like this:

Back you your Facebook data by first going to SETTINGS

Look at the bottom of this section, and click 'Download a copy', like this:

Download a copy of your Facebook data

On the next page, click 'Start My Archive':

Back up all posts, messages, videos, pictures and more, from Facebook

Simply enter your password, and then click 'Start My Archive'. Shortly (after about five minutes in my experience), Facebook will email you a ZIP file of all the data. Simples.

Convert Facebook Page to Business Page.

  1. Click here to Migrate your Personal Profile to a Business Page
  2. Set up your Facebook page as usual. I usually recommend going for 'Local Business or Place', because that way you not only get yourself featured in the maps (better for search), but also get the option for people to recommend your business.

And that's it! When you first do the conversion, you might panic because at first it will look like you've lost all your friends - the 'likes' will be set at 0. It takes a few hours for this conversion to happen fully. However you can use that time to start uploading some new content to the page.

Questions? Just ask below!

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