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CSS3 Patterned Backgrounds


9th August 2013

I've a real interest in CSS, and how far it can be pushed. There are a lot of things that Javascript and jQuery are used to do, that CSS/CSS3 could do in a way that is more lightweight.

I just wanted to share with you a great gallery of CSS3 background designs. These designs do not use any images, and are of course, seemless backgrounds.

For example, this is a pattern (by Marta Armada)*

While download speeds is becoming less of an issue on desktop computers, it's still important with mobile websites. So if you are making a website that is quite image-heavy, or with large file sizes, a CSS background is a great way to slim down. Google likes pages that load quickly, but remember to check in different browsers, as the patterns may/will not look the same in every browser.

CSS3 Patterned Gallery

To check out some of the CSS3 patterns, check out > CSS3 Patterns Gallery.

*If you can't see a pattern - it means that this CSS pattern just does not work in your browser!

Dorcas RĂ©amonn

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