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How to Embed a YouTube video onto your website


1st January 1970

Embedding a video from YouTube is very easy - YouTube actually generate the code. All you need to know is where to put the code - if you're not sure - ask in the comments!. When a video is uploaded to YouTube, the default is that it can be embedded on websites, so, unless that option has been blocked, you can embed any video into your website or blog.

How to Embed a YouTube video onto your website

The video you embed could be one that you uploaded on your own account - or could be video that somebody else has uploaded.

Here, I'm embedding a music video by Massive Attack:

It's all very simple.

  1. Find the video on YouTube.

  2. Scroll down to underneath the video, until you see 'Share':


    Click on that.

    The link that you see appear, which looks something like this;

    https://youtu.be/ZWmrfgj0MZI is simply the link to that video. So if you put that on your website - then that's an external link where it brings people away from your website onto YouTube - and what we want to do here is embed that video onto our website, so that hopefully people don't get distracted afterwards by other YouTube videos - but actually stay on our website and maybe even think about contacting us/buying from us.

  3. Click 'Embed'

  4. Click 'Show More', and a preview will appear.

  5. Scroll down underneath that preview to see the editable settings.

  6. Edit these settings as you like:

    Embedding Settings for YouTube

    There are a number of settings here, you can choose some predetermined sizes. If you choose custom size, just change the width - and the height will adjust automatically in the ratio 1:0.56. Width is always first.

    I would recommend ensuring the 'Show suggested videos when the video finishes' is unticked. Personally I prefer to untick the 'Show video title and player actions' - which removes the bar at the top - the preview will update to show you how the embedded video will work.

  7. When you are happy with those settings, scroll up above the preview and copy and paste all of the code that you see. Ensure that you have copied all the way from

    <iframe up to </iframe>.

  8. Go to your website, and paste that in. If you have a WordPress or other similar website, make sure that you paste the code in the 'code' place, i.e not the WYSIWYG version (probably called the 'Text' tab or 'HTML' tab when editing the content on your page.

When you have your video ready to upload, you may be interested in this article on how to SEO your videos.

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