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Since 2017, you can now upload a Facebook Cover Video!


1st January 1970

Since 2017, you can now upload a Facebook Cover Video!

Facebook is now rolling out Video Cover Images

Facebook have already been telling us that we're going to see much more video stuff over the next year, and this unannounced update took us all by surprise.

If you don't see this update now ... you will see it very soon. Facebook are rolling out this update slowly, for Facebook business pages.

You'll know when you can upload videos when you see a message like this appear over your cover photo, where you usually click to change the photo:

Note: I have been seeing this update intermittently on different pages that I have access to, for example sometimes I see the option, sometimes I can only change the photograph/picture ... this is changing back and forward hourly for me today.

How to Upload a Facebook Cover Video

First of all, let's talk about the settings/dimensions etc.

Facebook Video Cover Rules

  1. The video has to be at least 820px in width, and 312px in height (just like the Facebook cover image)

  2. The video has to be at least 20seconds long

  3. Update: Facebook tells you the video needs to be 90seconds or less (see graphic at the top of this article) However, this Facebook page here has uploaded a video of over four minutes.

  4. Update: The video is now looping continuously.

  5. The cover photo-change will appear in the Newsfeed as usual, but with the dimensions that you originally uploaded. For example, if you upload a 16:9 video, in the Newsfeed the whole video will show, but the cover photo part will show a cropped version.

  6. A default picture is taken from the video, which you can select yourself.

    how to Upload a Facebook Cover Video Picture from the Video

    I know it's faint, but, circled in red in the above pic is where you can see (faintly) that you can select one of ten still-frames from the video. Click the right or left arrows to pick one. This is the default picture if the video is not loading/playing - which could happen on a slow internet connection. This also appears on link previews.

  7. You can do the usual Facebook Video SEO and Video Settings by clicking 'Edit Post':

    (Simple SEO rule: Anywhere where you see text ... think of search engines)

For a video demonstration where I upload this cover video ...

... to my Facebook page, check out this YouTube Video:

If you have uploaded a video to your Facebook page, please include a link in the comments!

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