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How to update your Twitter feed from Facebook.


20th November 2014

How to update your Twitter feed from Facebook.

Before you go ahead and do this, note that I'm not recommending you do this. This is for when you've already decided to send all your Facebook updates to Twitter, and below you can see how easily you can do it.

Before I get loads of annoyed people commenting, obviously the best thing from a Social Media point of view is to update Twitter and Facebook separately. If you have to send all your updates from Facebook to Twitter, then you should at least:

  1. Download the Twitter app to your phone, so that if someone does ask you something on Twitter, you'll be alerted and will respond. Nothing more annoying than asking a business about their services on Twitter and getting ignored. (I'm looking at you, Royal Marine, Dun Laoghaire!)
  2. Note that updates longer than 140 characters will be truncated and include a link back to Facebook. Status updates with pictures will appear as a tweet with a link back to the image on Facebook.
  3. I also think you should login to Twitter when you can, do some real tweets, and dilute out the updates from Facebook.

So how do we actually send our Facebook updates to Twitter?

  1. Well, it's very straightforward. Log into Facebook under your PERSONAL account.
  2. Go to facebook.com/twitter.
  3. Select your business page (or, your personal profile - whichever one you want to send the updates from.
  4. Authorise the app:

    Authorise the app

    You may need to login to Twitter at this stage, if you're not automatically logged in.

  5. Then you will see something like this at the top of your screen:

    Authorise the app

    And that's it! Log in to facebook.com/twitter if you ever want to undo this.

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