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Five SEO things to do if you want bad/negative SEO


11th September 2013

Google Panda say says No

This is a list of some of the things that Google doesn't like: If you do these, your site may be punished from an SEO point of view.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

    In general, we say that you want to get your keywords into the content of your website, as many times as possible - within reason. So, if you sell make-up brushes, describe them as make-up brushes. But it wouldn't make sense to say "These make-up brushes are the best make-up brushes out of all the other make-up brushes that are make-up brushes in the make-up brushes industry." . . . That would be like keyword stuffing - you're deliberately getting your keywords into the text too many times. A human can figure out that the sentence is about make-up brushes from the first time you mention it - as can a search engine.

  2. Pop Up Ads

    The official (leaked) Google Rater Guidelines Document says that Popups are a sign of low-quality site. And low-quality sites get punished by Panda.

  3. Linking to 'Bad Sites'

    Let's be clear on this, when we say 'bad websites', we're not talking about your supplier's site, that isn't as aesthetically pleasing as yours. We're talking about sites (typical examples are the pay-day loan sites, or 'pharmacy' sites) - that you are linking to for no reason. If you sell make-up brushes, you have no business linking to a viagra site. If you are linking to a spammy sites, you may be punished by Google's Penguin. When you do link to a site, make sure it is useful for your website visitors.

  4. Lots of unrelated sites linking to yours

    Google has determined that if lots of unrelated sites are linking to your site, then it's probably due to something spammy - and your site will be punished (by Penguin).

  5. Duplicate Content

    If you have significant amounts of duplicate content on your site - and by that we mean that you have actually copied and pasted this text from somewhere else - then you will be punished by Panda.

    • Do not copy text from another site (which is illegal anyway)
    • Do not copy text from your own site and reproduce it on different pages
    • Do not accept text from another person (e.g. a guest blogger) with out ensuring it has not appeared elsewhere online AND agreeing it will not appear elsewhere online

    Unfortunately - for e-commerce site owners - e-commerce sites are innocently punished by Panda, but at the moment this means you literally need to have a different description for each product

As a general rule, I would say, if it feels like cheating - then it probably is. And if you're cheating - then you will be punished.

Dorcas RĂ©amonn

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