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How to send an invoice on PayPal


22nd July 2014

How to send an invoice on PayPal


22nd July 2014

How to send an invoice on PayPal

Did you know you can create and send Invoices for free using PayPal? Your payee gets the Invoice through PayPal, they can then click on the link to pay straight through PayPal!

This tutorial is going to take you through how to set up an Invoice template, customise it, and then email an invoice.

  1. Log in to PayPal, and click on 'Request Money'

    We're going to assume that you already have created your Paypal all by yourself.

    Request Money
  2. Click 'Create an Invoice'

    Create an Invoice
  3. Upload a logo

    In 'Your Business Information', add a logo.

    Add a logo

    Dimensions must be:
    Width: 250pixels
    Height: 90pixels

    If the image is quite text heavy, upload a PNG file, for better quality.

  4. Edit Business Information

    Edit Business Information

    Still in 'Your Business Information', click the link 'Edit Business Information'. This is your business information. Note that this information is optional. For example, this is how I would fill it out for Zonua:

    Add your business information
  5. Edit Invoice Information

    This stuff can be changed when you send out each individual invoice (remember that we're making a Template here), so select the options there that you will most likely use.

    Here, I'm setting the Payment Terms that the invoice is due on receipt:

    Payment Terms

    Reference is just a reference for you. So for example, if I'm going to use this to take a deposit for a job, then I'm putting the word in 'Deposits'.

    Invoice Reference
  6. Recipient Details

    Simply add new email address or add in more details:

    Recipient Email

    You can also add in the recipient details when sending each individual invoice.

    Recipient Details
  7. Customisation Options

    Enter the Name of the product/service you are selling, and the description:

    Invoice Name

    You can enter Terms and Conditions (e.g. expiry date of a voucher), and then a Note to recipient:

    Invoice T and C
  8. If you are charging VAT

    If, for example, you're dealing with tax myself in your returns, then leave the ‘Tax’ option blank. However, if you charge VAT, then this of course needs to be specified on the Invoice. In that case, click on the ‘Tax’ option and create a new Tax Name and Tax Rate. In this example, I'm calling the tax VAT, and putting in the rate at 23%.

    Invoice Tax

    Not only will this rate now show on the Invoice, but it means that Paypal will automatically calculate the VAT rate, whenever a new Invoice price is inputted.

    Invoice VAT
  9. Offer a Discount

    You can also offer a discount, such as a €5 discount, or a 15% discount as below:

    Invoice T and C
  10. Memo

    ‘Memo’ is the last field, and this is simply a note for you, to remind you what the template is for, your Invoice recipients won’t ever see this.

    Invoice Memo
  11. Save Invoice Template

    Save the Template, and name it something useful for yourself, so that you remember what this template was for. If this will be the main template you’ll be using, select ‘Make this my default template’.

    Save Invoice
  12. Preview

    Scroll down the bottom of the page, select Preview

  13. Preview Invoice

    So here's an example of an Invoice I created. Let's say the invoice was for a €100 deposit for a new website, with 15% discount, and with VAT of 23%.

    Preview of Invoice
  14. And then . . .

    When you set up an Invoice, you can then send it, and the Invoice will be sent to the recipient. The recipient will have the option to print and/or pay the invoice.

    Here, I've sent myself an Invoice for €0.01, just to show how it looks.

    Preview of Email

    The recipient can click on the link to see the full invoice, and then either pay, or print.

    Pay Paypal Invoice

    If you've registered with Paypal as a business customer, then the recipient doesn't necessarily need to pay using Paypal - they can pay by credit card, without having a Paypal account.

    Then YOU’LL get an email saying “You’ve received new funds” email with the payment information and a link to the payment details

    The payment details will be in the Transaction History of your PayPal account, on the homepage of your Paypal account.

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