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How to SEO optimise videos


2nd April 2014

How to SEO optimise videos

It's easier than ever to make a video now. And it's only going to get easier. But how do you SEO your videos on YouTube?

Computers aren't as clever as us. Computers can't understand a video as well as humans can. So we need to take a bit of extra care to tell search engines what a video is about!

Let's just get straight into it:

How to SEO videos on YouTube

  1. Include tags

    This is probably the one that you know already. When uploading your video (or at any time afterwards, you can still goto 'Edit Settings'), you should add tags. Add tags that are relevant. Tags can be one-word, or a phrase.

  2. In the description, describe the video accurately

    Include accurate search terms in the description
  3. Underneath that, link to your website, blog, Twitter etc.

  4. Hot tip!

    The last frame of the video should have your website and business name, and a tagline

    In the last few months, Google made some new technology to be able to 'read' the text in the last frame of the video.

    In the last frame of the video, use a short sentence or tagline to describe your business, include the name of your business, and your website. Make sure the text is against a plain background - otherwise the spiders may not be able to read the text!

  5. Geotagging

    This is relevant to you, if localised searches could be used to find your video. Geotagging a video means associating a location to the video. You can edit this in Advanced Settings > Video Location.

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