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How Social Media Impacts SEO


12th February 2014

Social Media and SEO

We know for quite a while now that Social Media is becoming more and more important with SEO - in fact, you can no longer do SEO without Social Media.

Back in December 2012, both Google and Bing announced that they were going to be concentrating more on Social Media Indicators for their search engine ranking algorithm. On 10th January 2013, Google announced that they'd be skewing the results in favour of Google+ (that's my interpration of their announcement, and not a direct quote from them - for more information on that you can read their blog). Now that's a whole other day's conversation, but for now, it is certainly clear that search engines are putting more and more focus on social media indicators.

When we say 'social media indicators', we are talking about Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, Google +1s, Pinterest pins - basically any kind of social interaction, which covers shares, comments, and any other kind of interaction on Social Media.

Here's an amazing infographic, that I can take absolutely no credit for, as it was made by Neil Patel of Quick Sprout.

How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

Image courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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