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List of Best DIGITAL MARKETING Competitions in Ireland


1st January 1970

Competitions are GREAT for exposure, and SEO, even if you are 'just' nominated.

Here are a list of Irish Website Award Competitions;

List of Best DIGITAL MARKETING Competitions in Ireland
  1. Social Media Awards

    - for everything from Blogging to Best Mobile App for marketing. Also known as The Sockies. Winners will be announced in the RDS Concert Hall on May 25th 2017. See the full list of categories here: here.

    Your next opportunity to enter: Approx March 2018

  2. The Blog Awards Ireland

    The The Blog Awards Ireland are free to enter. Entries not yet open for 2019.

  3. Spiders

    - formerly the eir Spiders - formerly the eircom Spiders, formerly the Golden Spiders - www.eircomspiders.ie - there are some free categories to enter, but for most categories there is a (not insignificant) fee to enter. I was at the awards in 2013 - blog here. Entries not yet open for 2019.

  4. Mobile Marketing Awards

    - awards for mobile sites, apps, and mobile marketing campaigns - www.mobilemarketingawards.ie - free to enter.
    Not continuing for 2017?

  5. Net Visionary Awards

    - awards for websites - www.netvisionaryawards.ie. 2016 Winners here. \Last ran in 2017, not sure if they will be ran again in 2019!.

  6. Beauty Blog Awards

    Visit the website here.

    Entries not yet open for 2019.

  7. The Irish Content Management Awards

    These awards began in 2018, developed by BusinessRiver.

For general business competitions, check out this link, which has a list of website and blog related competitions.

So, any more? Have you entered your site into any of these competitions? Please let me know in the comments below!!

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