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Mobile traffic has increased by 100% on our website since 2012.


30th November 2013

Was just checking out Google Analytics today after the busiest day ever yesterday, in terms of traffic, due to this blog.

Useful hashtags - this is an image of a fence shaped like a hashtag

Mobile traffic has increased almost 100% (or, to be more accurate about it, 95%) on this website, comparing the exact same time with last year.

Thank goodness we made the site responsive - which means that the website scales depending on the size of the screen that it's being viewed on.

Have you noticed the same with your website? Do you notice that you are using the internet more from your mobile this year than last year?

Dorcas RĂ©amonn

Hi, I'm Dorcas. I make websites. I lecture in Digital Marketing and related stuff in the UCD Smurfit School. I take photos (personal Insta @dorcasz). I do consultancy. I do talks. I've written a popular book on WordPress (available here).

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