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SEO for Beginners | Fasterbook 2017


13th December 2017

SEO for Beginners: Fasterbook 2017

I've been teaching SEO for years at various levels. (SEO means Search Engine Optimisation).

I try to communicate the following when teaching SEO

  1. If you're not talking about SEO with your website developer/designer/maker - then it's not being done
  2. There's a lot of SEO stuff that isn't super technical
  3. You need to educate yourself about SEO, because the content YOU upload to your website should be optimised
  4. Just knowing a little bit about SEO will make it less likely/impossible for you to be conned by SEO-scam experts

Based on my notes, and the questions I get, I put together a book, and it's now available on Amazon.

Topics covered in the SEO book include:

Best SEO Book for Beginners

You can purchase the book here.

Anyone who has bought the book is welcome to join the Facebook Support Group for SEO here. There, you can ask questions and I will get back to you within 48 hours unless someone else has answered you sooner!

If you have any comments on the book, especially on how I can improve it, I'd love if you let me know!
Dorcas Réamonn

Hi, I'm Dorcas. I make websites. I lecture in Digital Marketing and related stuff in the UCD Smurfit School, and also work with the UCD Innovation Academy. I love education, learning and all things creative, which could cover anything from coding to filmography to dancing! I take photos (personal Insta @dorcasz). I do consultancy. I do talks. I've written popular books on WordPress (available here and and here. Visit my personal site here.

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