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List of Best DIGITAL MARKETING Competitions in Ireland


26th September 2013

So why does a restaurant need a website?

  1. I don’t even need to say what we all know, it’s hard out there at the moment, it’s hard for everyone to get business, we only need to look at some of the amazing deals being offered out there at the moment by restaurants from the low-end to the high-end. So restaurants can really do with every help they can get. A website is needed to increase brand awareness, exposure, and extend the brand. A website will give a customer ‘a feel’ for the restaurant, a customer can click on pictures to see the type of seats, the type of clientele that go there, get a feel for the atmosphere or even figure out what to wear!

  2. Provide basic information such as location, menu, prices, payment methods, booking methods


    A restaurant mightened be open twenty-four hours a day to answer these questions, but a website is! And even if no one can get to the phone, a potential customer can still get all the info they need.

  3. Beat competitors.

    If one restaurant has a website, and another one doesn’t, then the restaurant with the website has a distinct competitive advantage.

  4. Save Money

    A website is open twenty-four hours a day, every single day of the year. It’s like a super-cheap advertising space. Tourists can check out your website before they even depart for their trip.

    1. Build a stronger brand image.

      A website can contain pictures, and written descriptions of your website. If a restaurant wants to be a funky ‘grab and go’ style joint, then a website can reflect this, with the type of language used, pictures of the restaurant, the overall design of the website. Or a higher-end ‘posher’ website can also promote that image using more formal texts, photos and design.

    2. Build a relationship with your customers.

      Ask customers for feedback. Irish people are notorious for not speaking their mind in restaurants. However if you invite feedback on your website, then you’d never know what great ideas you could get that you would never think of! And it can even be stated on the website that all kinds of feedback and comments are welcome in the restaurant. If a customer mails a restaurant with feedback, a response can make the customer feel valued, and may be more likely to return again.

    3. Stand out.

      Best chips in the country? Service charge included? Crocodile on the menu? Let everyone know! Let the world see what makes you special!

    4. Help the media.

      A columnist wants to write about your restaurant, however they don’t have the menu, or pictures – make it easy by putting this information on the website, instead of the journalist having to dig this info out for themselves.

    5. Allow customers to find out information about you for free.

      A customer with internet access can find out the information they need for free, at their own leisure. A customer might ring a restaurant to make a reservation, or even to check the address, but to ask for the menu to be read out? Not likely, right, but this information can be presented freely and easily on the restaurant website.

    6. Increase profits.

      This sort of ties in with number 1, and brings us back in a circle. As mentioned at the top, we are in tough times, but people are still going to eat and go out, they are just going to put more time into picking where they go. That’s why they are now more likely than ever to check out the restaurant before they go along.

    Links and Social Media are also becoming intertwined anyway. I think that once you've optimised your site, you can sum up the rest by thinking of trying to think of something interesting enough for people to share.

    And this is why I am finally coming back to my blog. I'm going to regularly update with topics that I think will a) attract people and b) be interesting enough for people to share.

    Stay tuned for that so!

    Dorcas RĂ©amonn

    Hi, I'm Dorcas. I make websites. I lecture in Digital Marketing and related stuff in the UCD Smurfit School, and also work with the UCD Innovation Academy. I love education, learning and all things creative, which could cover anything from coding to filmography to dancing! I take photos (personal Insta @dorcasz). I do consultancy. I do talks. I've written popular books on WordPress (available here and and here. Visit my personal site here.

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