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The Most Useful Irish Twitter #Hashtags. Including #EdChatIE #DublinHour #CorkHour #Journorequest


13th December 2017

It can be really hard - especially when just after joining Twitter - to figure out the right hashtags to use and to check out. Here are some of the hashtags that might be useful for Irish businesses.

Now in alphabetical order . . .

Useful hashtags - this is an image of a fence shaped like a hashtag


Hashtags for General use:

Special thanks to @DoloresAndrew, @TweetingGoddess, @ArdleCulleton, @belfasthourNI, @CornerShopGym, @QuickestFoxMarketing, and @Calypsoit for helping keep this up-to-date!

Have we left any out? Please let us know in the comments, and I will update this article.

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Credit to Quinn Dombrowski for the fence hashtag image