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What is Google Authorship


1st July 2014

1st January 1970

What is Google Authorship

N.B. This article is no longer up-to-date, as Google Authorship has been depreciated. Don't bother continue reading below. Click here to see some useful SEO articles or here to see all articles on this site.

You know when you see someone's face beside the listings in Google search? That's called Google Authorship.

See my smiley cheesey face on this page? That's how my listings look when Google Authorship is implemented.

How to set up Google Authorship

Annoying Part

There are two annoying parts, the way I see it:

  1. Google doesn't tell you if you did it correctly or not.
  2. Even if you do it right, Google then decide whether or not to show the profile picture beside the listings or not. So, you might notice that your face appears sometimes, and sometimes not.

Reasons to do Google Authorship

  1. Increase Your CTR

    CTR means Click Through Rate. You increase your CTR when you use Google Authorship, as your face will stand out. Cyrus Shephard found a 35% CTR increase after using the right profile picture.Reference

  2. Protect Your Content

    Registering with Google Authorship is kind of like claiming copyright with Google. This means that if someone copies/steals your content and uses it somewhere else - they'll be punished by Google Panda, and not you!

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