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Get free Stellars if you sign up today!!!


5th August 2014

1st January 1970

Get free Stellars if you sign up today!!!

Have you ever heard of Bitcoin?

If you have, then you're at least a little bit familiar with virtual currency. If you haven't, well then now it's time to find out that Bitcoin is virtual, unregulated currency, that can be traded for currencies like dollars.

Everyone's talking about Stellar, because the founders of Stripe have invested in it.

If you haven't heard of Stripe, well, Stripe enables individuals and businesses to pay and accept payments over the internet, something like what Paypal does. The founers are Patrick and John Collison, two brother from Ireland. They are highly respected both the digital currency, and high-potential start-up worlds.

So, what is Stellar?

Stellar acts as a verification system for public transactions, to send and receive money between any pair of currencies. Stellar has it's own digital currency, called Stellar, which enables conversions between currencies.

With Stellars launch, they have decided to grant each person who signs up, approximately $10USD of Stellars, reference here.

Wait, what? I can get free money?

Yes . . for a limited time. They are planning on giving away approximately 95% of their total cap of about one hundred billion Stellars - for FREE

What can I do with this free money?

You can spend it, you can give it away, you can transfer it into your Paypal account and use the 'euro equivalent', or you can hold off in the hope that the value will increase, just like it did with Bitcoin.

Okay, okay, how do I get the free money?

First of all, be warned, as of today, 5th August 2014, the website is really glitchy, which could be due to the fact that there's loads of people like us, trying to jump on the bandwagon.

Second of all, the Stellar foundation are varying the amount of 'free Stellars (STR)', based on current market rates. So you may not get the same amounts as outlined below.

So, bearing in mind that you are beginning this process with a little patience, here are the steps:

  1. Sign up here with Stellar here

    You initially just need a username and a password.

  2. Associate your Facebook account

    When you log in, you'll see this at the top of the page. You've got no Stellars.

    Shows 0 Stellars

    This is where things start getting a bit glitchy. For me, I had to wait a about five minutes before this appeared on the screen, which is what you need to proceed:

    After five minutes you should see this screen

    Click on the first option, and then sign up through Facebook

    500 free Stellars

    You should see the 500 free Stellars appear in your account after a few minutes, while the 3,500 Stellars come 'later' (I'm not sure when).

  3. Verify Your Email address

    This gives you 500 more Stellars

    500 free Stellars

    Go to your email address, you'll get a code, that you copy and paste and put in the field here:

    Note: I had trouble with this. I tried multiple times to verify with a Hotmail email address. I instead put in a Gmail email and it verified immediately, with the 400 Stellars being credited in about a second afterwards.

    Invalid code
  4. Send 100 Stellars

    Update: you can now send 25 Stellars (STR) and get 25 STR back.

    This bit doesn't actually benefit you, but it equally doesn't cost you anything, since the first time you send 100 Stellars, you get 100 Stellars in return.

    Send 100 Stellars and get 100 back

    To send Stellars, you just need the username (mine is dorcas) of the other Stellar account.

  5. Send 100 Stellars and get 100 back

Any questions? Let me know and I'll try my best to figure them out!

This article was written in response to a thread started on Boards.ie by Robert Power, to try to help address the recurring questions and issues. Robert has since written an expert article on which explains Stellar in more details, but yet still simple enough for a non-techy to understand. It's worth checking out the article here.

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