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How to Backup WordPress


1st January 1970

How to Backup Wordpress

If you have gone to the trouble of making a WordPress website, then you'd probably be pretty upset if you lost it one day. Therefore, maybe you should think about a Wordpress Backup

The plugin we're using is BackWPup. The reason I like this is not just because it's free, but because it backs up both the database AND the files of your Wordpress site.

Note: We're not talking about Wordpress.com sites here

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We're going to keep it really simple, and recommend a free plugin.

Let's just get straight into it:

  • Login to your Wordpress Dashboard, and go to Plugins > Add New

    This is probably the one that you know already. When uploading your video (or at any time afterwards, you can still goto 'Edit Settings'), you should add tags. Add tags that are relevant. Tags can be one-word, or a phrase.

    Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Look for BackWPup

    Search for 'BackWPup' (note: no spaces) and hit 'Search Plugins'

    Search for BackWPup
  • Install the plugin

    If do the same search as above, the first plugin is the one we want. Make sure that it's the plugin by Inpsyde GmbH.

    Hit 'Install Now'

    Install the Wordpress Plugin, BackWPup by Inpsyde GmbH
  • Activate the Plugin

    Click 'Activate Plugin'

  • Go to BackWPup > Add new job

    When the backup plugin is installed and activated sucessfully, you'll see a new section towards the end of your main menu on the left hand side of your screen, like this:

  • Create a Job

    A 'job' in this case, just contains the details of the backup. In this example, I'm going to back up everything:

    Create a job with BackWPup

    You need to decide where you want the back up to go. Choose what you want. The 'Backup sent via email' isn't really a good idea, since it's probably going to be too big to email. So I am choosing 'Backup to Folder', which will save on a folder on the same server as the website, and then I can also download it to save locally on my computer.

  • Save changes

    When you have edited the settings as necessary, hit 'Save changes'. Then, scroll to the top of the page, and you'll see this:

    Schedule Wordpress Backup

    Let's click 'Run now', to run the back up now.

  • Wait

    Now you'll have to wait a few minutes.

  • Save to your Computer

    Save the Wordpress backup of your site to your computer. The reason we're doing a backup is in case something terrible happens . . . let's not keep the backup in the same place as the website. So save it to your computer.

  • So, you can see how easy it is to do a Wordpress backup. Let's not create any panic, the chances you'll ever need the backup are very, very slim. However, when you think about the amount of work/time/money you're after investing - why not spend a few minutes backing up your Wordpress site!?

    This Video shows you how to do the backup with the same plugin;

    As usual, any questions, - just ask below, or use the Social Media channels!
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