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Video Equipment Ideas for Beginners

Everybody is talking about videos. It’s now more important than ever AND easier than ever to use videos to promote you or your business online.

If you think there’s another product that should be on this list, please let me know, especially if you have used them yourself!


(This Logitech HD camera can also be used to monitor your home when you are away). It’s currently on special offer on Amazon because a newer model is out, the Logitech C922 (see below)

C922 with tripod (note: Note the price, sometimes it is cheaper to buy the Camera and Tripod separately instead of together).


Remember, the foam cover for the microphone is for outdoor use. First, here are two microphones that you can use with your digital camera or mobile phone (make sure you have the relevant connection on your device before you buy:)

And here is a desktop microphone that you could use with your PC:

Selfie Stick

Not everyone will use a selfie stick for videos, but if you do or will, here’s a sturdy one that I found on Amazon, that I’m thinking of getting:


When buying a tripod, make sure you get a three-way panhead, which means you can point the camera in any direction. Here are some tripods we recommend, some on special offer from Amazon.

Here is a tripod/selfie stick combo:

When buying a tripod, remember to check the attachment for mobile or digital camera, or, you can buy a converter like this:

.. Note the high price of that comparing to a selfie stick!!! It’s much more economical to buy a selfie stick with a screw-off top (most of them have this)! This would be perfect:


This is for photographing your products. Note that you need to shine light towards this box. The typical set up is one light shining in on each side. The white (or coloured – this version comes with different colours) material diffuses the lights, so shadows are eliminated or minimalised. Lightboxes are especially good for taking pictures of shiney objects.

Studio Lights

You don’t need studio lights. In fact, you can use the lightbox outside, and natural light will work really well. However if you want to get studio lights, you could try these options:

Or, here’s a full kit including lightbox and lamps:

There are new studio LED lights available, like these:

This page includes Affiliate Links, whichs means that if you click and then buy the product, I get a tiny percentage from Amazon. The reason they are affiliate links is because the affilate code really easily allows me to paste in some code which includes the picture and price of the product ‘live’ from Amazon, so I don’t have to keep updating the price. If you don’t like affiliate links, please feel free to Google the product name yourself!

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