WordPress Masterbook 2019: Make a Website From Scratch – For Total Beginners

I’ve been teaching WordPress for years. It’s one of my favourite thing to teach.

Was your website already on HTTPS and working properly? If yes, read on

I get so much joy when I see the satisfaction and sense of achievement the participants have, when it ‘clicks’, and they realise that they can make a website themselves.

Based on my notes, and the questions I get, I put together a book, and it’s now available on Amazon.

Topics covered in the book include (there are 20 Chapters in the book):

  • Creating Pages
  • Adding a Theme
  • Creating a Menu, Adding Pages to a Menu, Dropdown Menus
  • Posting (for blogging) including Categories
  • Uploading Images
  • Basic SEO to help your site rank better
  • Recommended plugins (e.g. for your SEO, to implement Google Analytics)
  • Users
  • Basic Security Plugins
  • Backup
  • E-commerce (with the free WooCommerce plugin)
  • Sourcing free, and cheap stock images

You can purchase the book here.

Anyone who has bought the book is welcome to join the Facebook support group for WordPress here. There, you can ask questions and I will get back to you within 48 hours unless someone else has answered you sooner!

If you have any comments on the book, especially on how I can improve it, I’d love if you let me know!

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