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Logo Design for Businesses

Don't have a logo yet? Don't worry. At Zonua we can make logos and design, and if you like, print all of your marketing material for your corporate image.

When discussing your logo, we always want to initially meet you in person. > If we can meet you in person we can get a feel for what you like, what you don't like.

Your logo is super important. It's going to be on your website, your business cards, your flyers, your posters. You will have it displayed on your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. It might be printed on t-shirts, displayed on the wall of your shop.

We have put together some

Cost of Logo Design

Price includes;

Total Cost: €249

If you need a logo redrawn, or have an initial concept yourself that you simply need professionally made, then that saves a load of time for us, and so this offer can reflect this, the price for this is just €99, and includes;

Here are some of the logos made by Zonua

Home Accessories Online logo
Emma Nail and Beauty Care logo
Andrew Gibson logo
Algomex Shipping logo
JL Engineering logo
Doors and Windows Repairs logo
Indigo Rock Learning logo
Harris Claims Consultants logo
National Register of Mediators logo
Progressive Financial Services logo

How much does logo design cost?

We will design your logo for €299. This includes up to five initial ideas, and up to revisions.
This includes full copyright, high-resolution (for printing) and low-resolution (for use online) versions.

If you have the design roughly finalised yourself, and need a vectorised professional version, then the price can be reduced to €99, which still includes full copyright, and the same final versions.

Extra Information

Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your new logo.

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And don't forget, we can also design your new, business cards, flyers etc. Check out our graphic design prices or contact us with any specific questions or quote requests.

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