Digital Marketing is huge.

While the technical things have become more simple than before (e.g. You don't even need to learn code to know how to edit a website nowadays), there's more and more things to think about (e.g. Search Engine Optimisation, Instagram Ads, Facebook Tracking, Mailchimp Newsletters, Twitter Hashtags, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Maps to name but a few).

It's difficult for business owners to stay on top of everything.

We can provide services related to your priorities and current knowledge. We prefer to give guidance and training rather than 'do everything for you' as you know your business best - generally, it's best that you manage your social media. However, we do manage some social media accounts for a small number of clients who we are close to and whose business we know well.

We can set up tracking for you, we can provide training for you, or we can provide monthly check-ins with you.