WordPress Website for Classic Car Restorations

Classic Car Restorations

Classic Car Restorations Ltd is that type of business that could make you envious. Every day, Jason Loughrey, the owner, is working on rebuilding classic cars to ready-to-drive magnificent as-new condition! He makes the owners of those old vehicles absolutely delighted!

Jason, who is truly passionate by his work, wanted to share his abilities, knowledge and also a bunch of gorgeous classic cars for sale in a clever way. That's the reason why he got in touch with Zonua in 2017 to talk about his plans! We ended our first meeting with a few ideas and came back to him a couple of months later with the website he had imagined.

We were very pleased to be involved in this journey and we baked ClassicCarRestorations.ie with love and carefulness, just like Jason has done with all the classic cars he has looked after for many years now. ūüôā

Technology used: WordPress

Modifications with: CSS, HTML

Year of Creation: 2018

Features:Sale Section, Gallery, Contact Form

Client: Classic Car Restorations

Mobile Friendly: Obviously

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