WordPress website for Foodie Travel Unlimited

Foodie Travel Unlimited

Breda Coady, the chic and adventuress chef, has been travelling, cooking and foraging for decades. A true passions that she wanted to share with people! So she started to think about creating a blog and make people discover her travels around the world, her different food and wine experiences, her way to forage in nature and obviously her amazing and tasty recipes!

So she contacted Zonua in 2018 to talk about her new project! We carefully listened to what she wanted and created the blog she had thought about for months. Breda was delighted to be able to start a new adventure on a virtual path!

Technology used: WordPress

Modifications with: CSS, HTML

Year of Creation: 2018

Features: Blog, Printable Recipe Sharing Section, Contact Form, Instagram Feed

Client: Breda Coady

Mobile Friendly: Obviously

With our secret recipe, your ingredients can become a masterpiece!